Winter menu

All our pizzas are made daily with freshly homemade dough. Our tomato sauce is made with a combination of tomatoes, sundried tomatoes and bell peppers, cooked with white wine from Santorini.

ELEGANT MARGHERITA tomato, fresh mozzarella, basil 14
THE REAL GREEK tomato, pepper, olives, onion, feta cheese 15
MEET THE MEAT Louza (cured ham from Syros island), sundried tomatoes, goat chees 16
SPICY MINCED MEAT Minced beef, jalapeno, hot sause 16
ROASTED VEGGIES seasonal vegetables, halloumi cheese 15
BLUE BLOODED blue cheese, pear, walnuts, red wine & spices sweet dressing 16
WHITE PIZZA mozzarella, ricotta, baby spinach, freshly grounded pepper 14