Enjoy light, homemade dishes from Greek ingredients and recipes

Our dishes follow recipes the founders of The Wine Bar brought from home, from the grandmother and the aunt, the best friend and the inspiration of the moment. With only a few options to choose from, we have tried to cover a wide variety of food habits, with dishes for nibbling and dining. With our menu, we hope to complete a delightful experience at The Wine Bar.

Wine & Drinks

Our Wine & Drinks menu comprises of wines from Santorini and the rest of Greece, sparkling and dessert wines, beers and soft drinks, spirits and cocktails. Please keep in mind that our menus are updated regularly to meet the season needs. You may find our latest wine list here.


Our Food menu comprises of appetizers and main course dinner options. This years hit is our freshly homemade pizzas that you do have to try though! A small collection of other dishes are also available, enough to fill only a side of an A4 and to satisfy any preference. Please keep in mind that our menus are updated regularly to meet the seasonal needs.


A beautiful selection to get your mouth watering
Bruschetta with apple jam and blue cheese
6 €
Bruschetta with prosciutto, tomato, garlic
6 €
Mediterranean Nachos
9 €
Selection of Greek cheese (for two)
14 €
Selection of deli meats (for two)
16 €
Greek Olives
3 €
Greek Salad
10 €
Cretan Dakos with a twist of Santorini
8 €
Local Fava with onions and capers
7 €
Roasted Veggie Souvlaki
5 €

Main Meals

Succulent dishes with mouth watering flavours
Various Fresh Homemade Pizzas
12-17 €
Pork with sundried tomatoes and haloumi cheese with rice
15 €
Shrimp “saganaki”
16 €


Ice Cream Pavlova with forest fruit and red wine sauce
8 €
Chocolate lava cake with ice-cream
9 €
Adult milk shake
7 €